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Great Flinders Football League
& Great Flinders Netball Association

Lock netball 2023 Snapshot

Lock Netball Club are looking forward to Season 2023 with strong senior numbers.

Turn out to Pre-Season has been good and trials and trainings have seen our Senior Teams looking strong with good numbers with a mix of youth and experience.

Our A Grade will be missing the arms of Sarah Skinner in defence this year but welcome back Jasmin Pearce into the A Grade side.

Creating our Goal Circle stronger than it already was, will be the inclusion of Courtney Hull from Elliston Districts, who is returning to her home club this Season.

Courtney’s drive and accuracy and Lisa Burrows hold and spilt in the Goal Circle, along with returning versatile player Jordan Sladdin, will make this attacking end a strong combination and one to look out for.

After finishing 4th in 2022, going down by 1 goal in the First Semi Final, the A Grade girls will be looking to go further in the 2023 finals.

In the A Reserves, young Mikala Baines coming back to the club will be one to watch,

versatility and speed will be what she will bring with her.

New to the club, Marlee Hounsell, will be an asset to the already strong attack line of the A Reserves. She has slotted in nice to the goal circle and has been working well with returning goalies Bel Heath and Kiana Stafford along with versatile returning player Christie Zerk.

Our B Grade are a new look team from the 2022 Grand Final.

Lots of new players in this team and they will be a side to want to watch.

Ashlee Kay coming back out to play this season, will add height in the defence line with the absence of Emily Arbon and new player Rachel Borgas will add a strong midcourt combination with Danni Green.

Our B Reserve team under the new guidance of coach Sally Zacher, will bring a good combination of experience and youth this season and will be looking to go further than 4th in 2023.

2023 Coaches

A Grade – Lisa Burrows

A Reserve – Jodie Thompson

B Grade – Donna Bowey

B Reserve – Sally Zacher

D Grade – Jordan Sladdin and Ellen Read

E Grade – Karen Hurrell


Courtney Hull, Marlee Hounsell, Christie Zerk, Mikala Baines, Hannah Zerk, Rachel Borgas,

Georgia Crossman, Rebecca Christie, Kristin Zacher, Rachel Warner, Ashlee Kay, Tori

Masters, Cara Roberts, Bailey Millington, Courtney Baines, Mardi Zerk


Sarah Skinner, Emily Arbon, Sally Bronca, Megan Hansen, Jo Pearson

2022 Performance

A Grade Netball finished 4th

A Grade B&F – Lisa Burrows

Runner Up – Whitney Wright

A Reserves Netball finished 2nd

A Reserve B&F – Kiana Stafford

Runner Up – Jasmin Pearce, Sally Bronca, Amii Warner

B Grade Netball finished 2nd

B Grade B&F – Donna Bowey

Runner Up – Danni Green

B Reserve Netball finished 4th

B Reserves B&F – Ashlee Green

Runner Up – Alex Oneil

D Grade Netball finished 5th

D Grade B&F – Lili Tiller

Runner Up – Georgia Kay

E Grade Netball finished 3rd

E Grade B&F – Sophie Morton

Runner Up – Annie Owen

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