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Great Flinders Football League
& Great Flinders Netball Association

Great Flinders Season 2024 Preview

Updated: May 22

It’s that time of year again.

Join us as we look at the ins and outs for each team in Great Flinders ahead of an exciting 2024 season.


United Yeelanna

Ins – Corey Hatzimanolis (Thevenard), Cody Duncan (Lincoln South), Oscar Paull (Waybacks), Deven Canty (Bostons)

Outs – Reece Francis (travelling), Will Symonds (Walkerville)



A Grade Luke Duncan

B Grade – Brock Jolly

Colts – Aaron Lawrie

Mini Colts – Nick Mickan


Tumby Bay

Ins – Jake Rowe (McLaren Districts), Jackson Murphy (Angaston), Josh Pierson (Henley), Trent Inglis (West Whyalla), Dylan Eatts (United Yeelanna), Jude Whittaker,

Outs – Mitch Lawrie (Injured), Tom Kelly (Injured), Thomas Allen (Adelaide), Wade Gerrie, Hudson Franks (Adelaide), Ezra Foster (Norwood), Latrelle Sumner (South Gawler)



A Grade – Craig Curtis

B Grade – Damian Modra

Colts – Syd Lawrie

Mini Colts – Paul Jefferson



Ins – Macaulay Glover (Norwood), Jack Humpries (Langhorne Creek), Boyd West (Marble Range), Majoor Ackland (Marble Range)

Outs – Ziek Kay (Southern Flinders), Cain Reynolds (Dunsborough), Ryan Siebert (Ports), Tim Boehm (Eyre United)



A Grade – Kory Beard

B Grade – Brody Burrows

Colts – Andrew Hetzel

Mini Colts – Craig Wheare



Ins – Harley Chandler (Western United), Kadyn Bryant (Lincoln South), Jake Horton (Lincoln South), Damon Morrish (Yankalilla), Bryce Cant (Bute), Ned Schubert (Eastern Ranges)

Outs – Will Haarsma (Travelling)



A Grade – Julian Wait

B Grade – Shannon Minhard

Colts – Evan Siviour

Mini Colts – Tommy Fox


Elliston Districts

Ins – Jack Cavuoto (Solomontown), Archer Van Doorn (Norwood), Fraser Smith (Tanunda), Finn Rienets (Sacred Heart OC)

Outs – Rhett Schumann (Cummins Kapinnie), Josh Horgan (Cummins Kapinnie), Kysen Shepperd (Balaklava), Thomas O’Flaherty (London), Tom Gibson (Ardrossan), Charlie Gibson (Ardrossan), Riley Carter (Wallaroo), Sam Keane (Rosewater), Peter Carter (Central Whyalla), Toby Baker (Prince Alfred OC)


A Grade – Scott Feltus

B Grade – Darren Gregory

Colts – Kade Gill

Mini Colts – Nathan Hebbermann


Cummins Kapinnie

Ins – Ben Green (Woolongong Lions), Hayden Bennett (Marble Range), Seth Nassif (Tasmans), William Clayfield (Penola), Rhett Schumann (Elliston Districts), Josh Horgan (Elliston Districts), Corey Paech (London), Daniel Cummings

Outs – Christopher Wright (Westminster OS), Matthew Phelps (Walkerville)



A Grade – Thomas Phelps

B Grade – Lochie Letton

Colts – Bradley Hazelgrove

Mini Colts – Daniel Wedd


Eyre United

Ins – Tim Boehm (Lock), Tim Hannemann (Wayback), Todd Montgomerie (Thevenard)

Outs – Ethan Pugsley (Norwood), Caden Dorward (Boston), Vaughan Thomas



A Grade – Shane Masson

B Grade – Brenton Stratford

Colts – Cameron Foster

Mini Colts – Jason Bates

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