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Round 2 - A Look at Who's In and Who's Out

Updated: May 22

This week is ANZAC Round where we recognise those that have fought for our country & the lives that we are privileged to lead.

Anzac Round is an opportunity to remember and commemorate all Australians and New Zealanders who served and died in all wars, conflicts, and peacekeeping operations.

The Peter Lewis ANZAC medal will be awarded at Cummins, whilst the Dr BW Wibberley ANZAC medal will be presented at Tumby Bay to the player who shows the ‘ANZAC Spirit’ - the player that shows skill, courage, self-sacrifice, teamwork and fair play. These medals will be presented by former servicemen from Cummins & Tumby Bay RSL branches.

Cummins Ramblers vs Cummins Kapinnie

Cummins Ramblers

INS - Harlee Chandler (debut), Damon Morrish (debut), Kadyn Bryant (debut), Jake Horton (debut), Bryce Cant (debut), Wes Bilney (returning), Phoenix Milburn (debut)

OUTS - Will Haarsma (overseas)

Cummins Kapinnie

INS - Billy Mahoney, Ryan Hazelgrove, Braden Phelps, Jayden Evans, Louis Green, Yarra Mickan,

OUTS - Corey Paech, Dylan Wandner, Jay Green, Jake Mahoney, Brennen Lee, Brady Tosold

Last time they met was in Round 14 2023 with Ramblers 7.13-55 running out winners by 35 points Cougars 2.8-32

Louis Green & Jayden Evans are a welcome boost to this Cougars side although the loss of some key ball movers will be difficult to cover.

Ramblers made some improvements in their consistency with their players under 21 getting used to what is required to play high level A grade football.

The netball club have been the biggest recruits over the off-season & it will be an enticing sight to see what these new players bring to this side.

United Yeelanna vs Elliston Districts

United Yeelanna

INS - Alex Glover, Ricky Skinner, Mitch Jolly

OUTS - Cody Duncan, Gaetan Gerber, Brodie Cash

Elliston Districts

INS - Matt Williams, Scott Feltus

OUTS - Steve Paull, Cooper Van Doorn

Last week, United Yeelanna were able to run over the top of last year's grand final opponent Tumby Bay by 50 points. Meanwhile Elliston Districts also put their foot down in the second half against Cougars to start their season with a 40 point win.

Jaxon Bennett & Fraser Smith will be important players for Elliston Districts as they take on the reigning premiers.

Last time they met was in Round 15 2023 at Poochera where United Yeelanna won by 122 points. Expect a closer result.

Tumby Bay vs Eyre United

Tumby Bay

INS - Tyree Burgoyne (A grade debut), Luke Hennell (A grade debut), Billy Campbell, Liam Carr, Jaylen Cocks, Brodie Higgins

OUTS - Nigel James, Jude Whittaker, Jagga Cross, Jake Rowe, Brodie Richter, Grant McLeod

Eyre United

INS - Archie Coote, James Nield, Ethan Pugsley

OUTS - Jono Telfer, Elijah Foster, Riley Pugsley

These two sides look different to last time they met with a lot of younger players playing in both sides.

Expect it to be a tight tussle with plenty of run & carry from both sides. It will interesting to see who has the legs to run out this contest the strongest.

Last time these two sides met was Round 11 2023 where Tumby Bay ran out winners by 117 points.

Thank you to all of the A grade coaches for sending in their team changes.

On a personal note, congratulations to Brody & Lisa Burrows on the birth of their daughter, Darcie.

We hope everything is going well & look forward to the return as the master preview writer.


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