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Great Flinders Football League
& Great Flinders Netball Association

2022 GFFL Team of the Year

Updated: Sep 2, 2022

This is the inaugural Great Flinders Football League Team of the Year.

It is a player voted award with the following criteria:

  • Opponent find toughest to stand

  • Shows most sportsmanship

  • Plays their position well

The selection process is:

  • Each club picks 21 players from opposition clubs

    • Can't select from your own club

7 players ranked from 1-7 in each zone (fwd, mid, back)

  • Votes totaled & top 6 players for each zone are on the field, 7th on the bench.

  • In case of tie, priority given if selected in more opposition sides

There were 57 different players named from initial selections.

The captain has been named as the player with the highest votes.

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