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Tumby Bay netball 2023 Snapshot

Updated: Apr 10, 2023

The Blues girls are keen to win some flags this year, after a disappointing 2022 season. A few outs in the A Grade will see opportunity for the up and coming players Maisie Curtis, Taryn Beinke, Mardi Masson and Tayla Milligan step up alongside last season’s Best and Fairest Somma Cave and GFNA rep Ilka Stone. Welcoming back Sarah Southern and Blaise Baldissera into A Reserves, this team is looking to be a very competitive side. Our D Grade and E Grade teams are looking to be hot contenders this years for the top spots, and we look forward to seeing these young ones show us what they’ve got, especially with some netball greats coaching them.

2023 Coaches

A Grade: Stacey Curtis and Karlee Dunn

A Reserves: Sandra Pasoce

B Grade: Rhianna Foster

B Reserves: Trish Lawrie and Alisha Collins

D Grade: Brooke Neindorf

E Grade: Ilka Stone


Ashlee Cave, Ashlee Cocks, Blaise Baldissera, Carrie Calderwood, Clare Carr, Courtney Bowyer, Demi Elliot, Hope Garnaut, Kylie Lawson, Lisa Rogers, Mardi Masson, Sarah Southern, Sophie Mashford, Tamika Kelly, Tayla Milligan, Zoe McDonnell


Anita Pedemonte, Kenidee McNamara, Kobi Lawrie, Leah Lawrie, Phoebe Bartholomew, Rebecca Rynne, Sarah Lawrie, Trish Lawrie

Players on the Rise

Ashlee Cocks, Demi Elliot, Emily Lawrie, Maisie Curtis, Mardi Masson, Mia Challinger, Taryn Beinke, Tayla Milligan

2022 Performance

A Grade Netball finished 2nd

Best & Fairest: Somma Cave

Runner up Best & Fairest: Karlee Dunn

A Reserves Netball finished 5th

Best & Fairest: Rebecca Rynne

Runner up Best & Fairest: Alex Stratford

B Grade Netball finished 3rd

Best & Fairest: Erin Bubner

Runner up Best & Fairest: Mel cave and Sarah Smith

B Reserves Netball finished 3rd

Best & Fairest: Asha Trenberth

Runner up Best & Fairest: Paige Dillon

D Grade Netball finished 4th

Best & Fairest: Sadie Curtis

Runner up Best & Fairest: Adler Larwood

E Grade Netball finished 2nd

Best & Fairest: Ruvae Curtis

Runner up Best & Fairest: Romey Larwood

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