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Great Flinders Football League
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Lock Snapshot

Updated: Mar 20, 2023

Tom Eichner arrives at the Lock Roos from Echunga Demons along with Daly Eichner from Gawler Central and Harley McCormick from Roopena Roos, whilst Jared Seal has departed for Tasman Roosters, Macaulay Glover for Norwood Redlegs, and Kane Tiller for Boston Tigers. IN

Tom Eichner coming from Echunga Demons

Daly Eichner coming from Gawler Central

Harley McCormick from Roopena Roos


Jared Seal going to Tasman Roosters

Macaulay Glover going to Norwood Redlegs

Kane Tiller going to Boston Tigers

Harley Tiller

Players on the rise

Dusty Wheare is a young player that the Roos will be looking to see continued improvement from in 2022. He played 10 games of A grade footy in 2021, and at his best he is difficult to beat as he can impact a contest in the air as well as along the ground with solid skills.

Cody Siebert played 6 games of A Grade in 2021, and the Roos will be looking for him to play more to round out their attack. He is a goal kicker who can contribute when the ball is delivered to him. He has good forwards to learn from with the likes of Travis & Aaron Beard as well as Ryan Siebert all leading by example.

2021 Performance

A GRADE finished 3rd

Best & Fairest: Macaulay Glover

Runner up Best & Fairest: Harley Tiller

B GRADE finished 4th

Best & Fairest: Brodie Pearson

Runner up Best & Fairest:

COLTS finished 6th

Best & Fairest:

Runner up Best & Fairest:

MINI COLTS finished 6th

Best & Fairest:

Runner up Best & Fairest:

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