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2023 Kinlough Cup squad

Updated: Jun 1, 2023

Congratulations to all players named in the 2023 Under 17s Kinlough Squad. First training will be held at Cummins oval on Thursday 8th June starting at 5pm and finishing at 6.30pm.

Please let Robert Shirley know if you are unable to attend training - 0419034681

Please note, this initial squad can change between now and final selection.

Eyre United - William Turner

Eyre United - Ethan Pugsley

Eyre United - Brody Stratford

Eyre United - Harvey Masson

Lock - Josh Crosby

Lock - Jed Siebert

Lock - Jonte Durdin

Ramblers - Eli Parsons

Ramblers - Joel Modra

Ramblers - Tyler Langley

United Yeelanna - Bailey Doolan

United Yeelanna - Clayton Colbert

Elliston Districts - Jason Thomson

Elliston Districts - Jacob Newton

Elliston Districts - Noah Fleming

Elliston Districts - Toby Baker

Tumby Bay - Nicholas Cave

Tumby Bay - Thomas Allan

Tumby Bay - Henry Challinger

Tumby Bay - Ezra Foster

Tumby Bay - Jaylen Cocks

Tumby Bay - Archer Trezise

Tumby Bay - Ned Prosser

Cummins Kapinnie - Charlie Turnbull

Cummins Kapinnie - Saxon Rogers

Cummins Kapinnie - Braden Phelps

Cummins Kapinnie - Connor Gale

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