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Great Flinders Round 11 Preview

The split rounds are finally over in Great Flinders as winter has well and truly set in across the Eyre Peninsula.

Join us as we preview all the action from Round 11 below:

United Yeelanna vs Cummins Ramblers

United Yeelanna

Ins – Ben Carr, Bryce Breed, Stephen Crettenden, Ricky Skinner Outs – Reece Francis, Aaron Lawrie, Stephen Conlan, Alex Glover

Cummins Ramblers

Ins – Henry Treloar, Jack Treloar, Gus Crettenden, Joel Modra Outs – Ethan Langley, Jimmy Richardson, Zakk Bullard, Jack Crettenden

The Eagles juggernaut continues to keep on rolling as they work towards their 9th flag in 11 years, dismantling Eyre United at home last weekend.

Ramblers were also impressive up against their cross-town rival in Cougars, keeping them to only 11 pts throughout the entire game.

The last time these two sides met it was United Yeelanna who burst out of the blocks to take a 40pt lead into quarter-time. From then on however, it was a complete arm wrestle with the final margin only being 43pts.

Matt Crettenden returned in a big way for the Eagles last weekend and will have to be closely watched by the Ramblers defence.

Seth Dobbins has been outstanding for the Magpies throughout the year and may receive the job on one of the ‘Crettys’ up forward.

Unfortunately for the Magpies this weekend, they will be without their two main goalkickers in Ethan Langley and Jimmy Richardson.

If the Magpies side can stay with the Eagles for the first half, anything can happen but the Eagles look to be too strong at this point in the season.

Cummins Kapinnie vs Lock

Cummins Kapinnie

Ins – Chris Wright, Charlie Turnbull, Yarra Mickan

Outs – Alex Marinelli, Matt Panasito


Ins – Kory Beard, Fergus Slape, Andrew Heath Outs – Luke Durdin, Declan Allen, Liam Rix

Both sides are coming off disappointing losses last weekend, with Cougars only managing a solitary goal against Ramblers and Lock being overrun by a plucky Elliston side.

Cougars will be looking to gain their first win in the last half of the season, struggling with injury and depth throughout the first half of the season.

Lock suffered a big blow to their top-2 hopes last weekend, playing some undisciplined football in the last quarter, allowing Elliston to get a roll on and kick the final 2 goals of the match.

Lock gain 3 quality players back into the side, yet still have a considerable amount missing from their best side.

The battle of the playing coaches will be one to watch with Ty George up against Thomas Phelps, both players having the ability to change the game within the quarter.

The young Cougars side have been able to stay with sides for halves of footy but lacked consistency over the entirety of the game.

The defence of Lock has been resolute but in the absence of Ryan Siebert and Travis Beard, the Roos have lacked a key-forward to stand up and kick a big score.

Good luck to Yarra Mickan who will play his first A Grade game this weekend.

Expect Cougars to compete for a half before getting overrun by the Roos.

Tumby Bay vs Eyre United

Tumby Bay

Ins – Ezra Foster, Matthew Hartwig, Ky Miller, Lachie Gale, Caolle McMahon Outs – Brayden Calderwood + 4 B Graders who played 2 games against UY

Eyre United

Ins – Matt Keen, Aidan Sheehan Outs – Jonah Fatchen, Jon Telfer

Both sides are coming off significant losses to the premiership favourites in United Yeelanna.

Tumby were without several key position players when they lined up against the Eagles and whilst they had plenty of the ball in their forward lines, they failed to capitalise.

Unfortunately for Eyre United, injuries have taken their toll on the side and without the depth of other teams, they’ve had to rely on several B-Graders to play games each week.

Ezra Foster and Matthew Hartwig will provide excellent avenues to goal for the Blues this weekend, whilst Ky Miller and Lachie Gale will add strength around the ball.

Like Cougars, Eyre United have been able to keep up with some of the competitions best for halves, but ultimately run out of legs over the course of a full game.

Last time these two sides met, it was Latrelle Sumner who finished with the ANZAC medal, dominating the game with his superior leg speed.

Hard to go past a comfortable Blues win in this game.

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