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Great Flinders Football League
& Great Flinders Netball Association

Eyre United netball 2023 Snapshot

2023 Coaches

2023 coaches

A Grade: Petrina Fauser

A Reserves: Tammy Lucena

B Grade: Sarina Weyland, Nicole Cameron

B Reserves: Georgia Priestley

D Grade: Melinda Baldissera & Krista Carbine

E Grade: Georgia Stratford 


Nadia Baldissera, Mardi Hanrahan, Melinda Baldissera, Tammy Lucena, Allyce Fatchen, Taya Jenkins, Katie Rynne, Rachel Telfer, Catie Edwards, Nicole Cameron, Grace Nicolson, Nicola Baldissera, Brooke Stratford, Nicole Doley, Nyrie Baillie


Antoinette Liddell, Shenice Wells, Twania Amos, Tarlina Flavel, Ruby Flavel, Renae Colbung, Mardi Masson, Tayla Milligan, Bridget Manning, Shauna Warrior, Courtney Bowyer, Brea Letton, Phyllis Dorizzie, Jessie Liddicoat, Taylah Isaac, Charlotte Baines, Tayla Allen, Samantha Norris, Rahni Edwards Eldridge, Emma Webb.

The Netball Club joined the Football Club for preseason with a great turnout each week. Netballers against footballers provides friendly competition with great camaraderie and laughter.  The Netball Club have selected an A squad and look forward to a competitive and successful season. With 8 outs from the 2022 A grade side, provides opportunity for up and coming players. The Club is excited to welcome back Tammy Lucena, Melinda Baldissera, Mardi Hanrahan, Nadia Baldissera, Allyce Fatchen, Rachel Telfer, Nicole Doley, Nyrie Baillie, Brooke Stratford and Katie Rynne to Eyre United with Nicole Cameron returning from a knee injury.

A warm Saints welcome to new players wearing the red, black and white Taya Jenkins, Catie Edwards, Grace Nicolson and Nicola Baldissera. With a fantastic mix of experience and youth we look forward to the rewards of team play with the aim of getting the wins on the board. The Club has a strong focus on development of our juniors with assistance from the senior players and the knowledge they will gain from coaches Petrina Fauser and Tammy Lucena. The Club looks forward to watching the development of younger players in the A squad - Yasmin Fauser, Sydnee Lockwood, Chelsea Jude and Katie Rynne.

2022 Performance

A Grade Netball finished 5th

Best & Fairest: Antionette Liddell

Runner up Best & Fairest: Mardi Masson

A Reserves Netball finished 7th 

Best & Fairest: Indiah van Doorn

Runner up Best & Fairest: Eden Telfer

B Grade Netball finished 3rd

Best & Fairest: Rhianna Carmody 

Runner up Best & Fairest: Chelsea Jude

B Reserves Netball finished 5th 

Best & Fairest: Alyssa Milligan

Runner up Best & Fairest: Jamie Snodgrass

D Grade Netball finished 7th

Best & Fairest: Macy Foster

Runner up Best & Fairest: Lilly Taylor

E Grade Netball finished 3rd

Best & Fairest: Kaianne & Kailee Colbung-ware

Runner up Best & Fairest: Kalani Doley

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