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Eagles clawed a win in grand final rematch

The much-anticipated Grand Final rematch took place at Karkoo Oval in overcast conditions. With both teams missing key players United Yeelanna came away with a 29-point win against a plucky Cougars team who at times looked like they might challenge the Eagles but could never string back-to-back goals until the last quarter. It was the Eagles experienced campaigners who got them off to the perfect start through Matthew Crettenden who goaled and then Stephen Crettenden goaled out of the ruck from the goal square as Cougars looked a little rattled early after gun Cougars full forward Yoey Wagner missed a gettable goal by his standards. Tackling was fierce from both teams with Eagles young gun unstoppable on the wing, but it was Aaron Lawrie who took a leading mark and kicked his first goal for season 2022. Stephen Crettenden was in everything early and kicked another goal after the Eagles peppered the behinds post. Cougars Jay Green and Lochie Paech were getting plenty of the ball but Jaxen Norton and Matt Dyer along with Toby Lynch cut off the many forward entries from the Cougars midfielders. Eagles 4-5 to Cougars 0-2 at quarter time.

Cougars got some reward for effort as Yoey Wagner marked and goaled early to give their supporters something to cheer about. It was tough going for both teams not being able to get clean ball on the outside making it at times a real scrambly game to watch. Eagles’ backlines in Jaiden Agars, Jaxen Norton and Matt Dyer stood out as the Cougars midfielders had started to find the tempo of the game and link up from full back to full forward as they got another goal. The ball was seesawing back and forth until young gun Charlie Turnbull kicked a goal and never looked out of place in the A Grade jumper. Eagles went into halftime 5-9 to Cougars 3-3.

Stephen Crettenden was proving difficult for his opponent in Dylan Wandner and kicked his fourth goal to give the Eagles a handy lead. Eagles’ rucks in Stephen Conlan and Alex Glover gave the Eagles midfielders first use of the ball all day. Cougars young gun Brodie Laube kicked an excellent goal to keep Cougars in the game. The class of Bryce Breed was too much for the Cougars backlines as he kicked a great goal it seemed the flood gates were about to open, but the Eagles missed many gettable goals ending up the quarter with 8-16 to Cougars 4-5.

The last quarter saw two goals come quickly for Cougars one to Thomas Phelps and Sam Ness who launched a long bomb from deep in the forward pocket. Bryce Breed snapped a great goal from the pocket as the younger Cougars team had no answers for the more experienced Eagles as Michael Crettenden, Xavier Watson and Jaxen Norton all had excellent games. The game didn’t reach any great heights, but the Eagles did enough to get the points. Cougars tried hard but the Eagles had too much experience and class to run out winners Eagles 9-17 to Cougars 6-6 ANZAC Day Medallist Isaiah Wilksch.

Eagles Best: Isaiah Wilksch, Stephen Conlan, Stephen Crettenden, Xavier Watson, Jaxen Norton, Michael Crettenden.

Cougars Best: Jay Green, Lochie Paech, Henry Turnbull, Damon Scott, Dylan Wandner.

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