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Cummins Kapinnie netball 2023 Snapshot

Updated: Apr 11, 2023

Cougars will be looking a little different this year with quite a few girls out for the season, they have a few young ones coming up into the A and A Reserves teams which will be an awesome opportunity for them all to work under the guidance of Jessica Green who along with Amanda Puckridge will be coaching the 2023 A grade side.

Jessica Green is obviously a standout player for the Cougars team, she is versatile and will provide a steadying influence for her youthful team. With Hana Green & Holly Gale being named as Co-Captains, this will be a great opportunity for two young leaders to really assert themselves and continue to improve on the solid work they have put in over the last few seasons in the A Grade team. Sarah Lawrie is a great inclusion to our team, and we look forward to seeing what she can do in the goal circle with Hana Green. Jessica Keller is a very strong and dynamic defender with great determination and will be a valuable inclusion and the combination of her with Holly Gale will be one to watch. Billie Thomson has proved herself over the years in A Reserves through the mid court, and will be looking forward to the challenge of A Grade this year.

2023 Coaches

A Grade: Jessica Green and Amanda Puckridge

A Reserves: 

B Grade: 

B Reserves: Mardi Green

D Grade: Holly Gale and Chaz Letton

E Grade: Mardi Green and Lauren Dobbins


Sarah Lawrie, Lisa Boot, Bonnie Barnes, Jayden Lander, Charlotte Baines, Emily Anderson, Lacey Nash, Ciann Eylward


Molly Burns, Ella Wedd, Kaitlin Jacobs, Morgan McDonald, Amesha Meyers, Ruby Green, Amy Fuss, Emily Wardle, Grace Burns, Olivia Sly, Ell Taylor,

2022 Performance

A Grade Netball finished  3rd

Best & Fairest:  Molly Burns

Runner up Best & Fairest: Jessica Green and Holly Gale

A Reserves Netball finished Premiers

Best & Fairest: Amesha Meyers (also Great Flinders B & F)

Runner up Best & Fairest: Belinda-Jane Moroney

B Grade Netball finished 7th

Best & Fairest: Megan Radford

Runner up Best & Fairest: Leah Mahoney and Selenia Mahoney

B Reserves Netball finished 7th

Best & Fairest: Mardi Green

Runner up Best & Fairest: Shaya Parker

D Grade Netball finished 6th

Best & Fairest: Missy Doudle

Runner up Best & Fairest: Thyra Myers

E Grade Netball finished 7th

Best & Fairest: Lilah Doudle

Runner up Best & Fairest: Macey Carr

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